Future Development of Defiance County Airport

2011 Plans

During this year the Defiance County Airport will be receiving funding from the Federal Aviation Administration and a 5% local match from the Defiance County Commissioners to construct a fence and automatic gate off of Airport Road to protect aircraft traffic from automobile traffic. This project, along with maintenance and repair of the runway will be done during the late summer and early fall.

Contactors will also be at the airport in late Spring to finish up work on Phase II of the taxiway relocation project. This project will allow for future runway expansion to 5,000 feet.

2012 Plans

In preparation for future runway expansion to 5,000 feet, the Defiance County Airport will implement a justification study needed to receive grant funding for airport construction from the Federal Aviation Administration. The Airport Authority Board will also continue to prepare the site for a necessary future taxiway relocation project and the future runway expansion.

2013 and Beyond

One of our primary goals as the Airport Authority Board is to continuously provide a safe and enhanced facility at the Defiance County Airport. We believe that extending our runway to 5,000 feet will provide a safer environment for all of those that wish to arrive to or depart from the Defiance County Memorial Airport. Our other primary goal is to enhance our facility’s offerings to increase the economic benefit of the airport to communities in Defiance County and Northwest Ohio.