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Educational Activities & School Recycling Program

School Recycling Program

The Defiance County Environmental & Administrative Services office gives environmental/recycling presentations to all Defiance County Kindergarten, 2nd and 4th grade classes. In 2012, twenty-seven presentations were given to approximately 601 Kindergarten students in 9 schools. There were 35 presentations given to 2nd and 4th grade students with approximately 878 students in 9 schools.

The presentations are geared to the age group. Kindergarten presentations are normally conducted in March and April of each year. We give a short discussion on litter and recycling using a recycled book bag filled with recyclables. The presenter assists the students to make an earth bracelet. The bracelet consists of an elastic string and six different colored beads. Each bead represents something in our environment such as brown for dirt, green for the earth, etc. After the bracelets are made everyone talks about the colors and what they represent. In addition to the bracelet, goodies such as coloring books, recycling stickers, notepads, litter bags, pens, rulers, etc. are handed out to each student and teacher.

The presentations for the 2nd grade classes include an activity called ‘Fishing for Litter Habits’. The students join in by fishing for labeled fish with litter habits and deciding as group if the habit is a good litter habit or a bad litter habit. This presentation also includes a lively discussion about litter and recycling.

The 4th graders participate in a hands-on activity called ‘Mining for Natural Resources’. This is an activity in which the students are given a chocolate chip cookie and must mine using a toothpick (our form of a pick-ax) for chocolate chips (natural resources) without creating more waste. The less waste that is created through mining, saves the earth from land and air pollution. There is also a stimulating discussion on how mining uses the earth’s natural resources and how recycling saves the earth from additional mining.

Presentations for the 2nd and 4th graders are usually done between February and April. The Defiance County Environmental and Administrative Services has been educating students about litter and recycling for several years. In addition to elementary schools, presentations can be adapted for preschools in the County even adults find it enjoyable and interesting! If you would like more information regarding a presentation, please contact the Defiance County Environmental and Administrative Services office at (419) 782-5442.

  • Lynn Bishop with students
  • Lynn Bishop with students
  • Lynn Bishop with students
  • Lynn Bishop with students
  • Lynn Bishop with students

Lynn Bishop, Defiance County Environmental Services School Specialist, gets involved with teaching the students to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!

2012 Teacher's Comments on the Presentation

"Thank you! The program is very beneficial to my students."
Kim Beek, Fairview Elementary School

"Miss Bishop was at the children’s level and was great with them!"
Mary Jones, Holy Cross Catholic School

"I thought the Kindergarten presentation was excellent. The student’s seemed to be really engaged. I liked how you called on a variety of students to share answers and how patient you were when making and creating the bracelets. I thought the presentation was very effective and I truly believe the students learned a lot from it. Thank you so much for coming to our school to help us learn more about recycling and littering."
Mrs. Shay Nafziger, Hicksville Elementary School

"The kids were very engaged in the presentation. Good details/examples were given, great introduction and conclusion."
Mrs. Brooke Snyder, Fairview Elementary School

"Thank you for a great presentation! You have great rapport with the students and have a wonderful way of keeping their attention. I only wish you had 5 – 10 minutes more with the students."
Sheryl Keller, Defiance Elementary, Grade 4.

"Just wanted to let you know you did an OUTSTANDING JOB, once again with the Litter Presentation in Kindergarten. You keep the kids totally mesmerized and they LOVE YOU. You have a great connection with the kids and everyone can tell you love your job! The Earth Bracelets are always a hit and take the message home 100%. Thank you."
Roxanne Headley, Hicksville Elementary.

"Thank you so much for coming to Ayersville and presenting your litter presentation to my kindergarten students. They learned so much. I really liked how you used the backpack to demonstrate to the students how they can reuse things. They hear a lot about recycling, but not nearly enough about reducing and reusing. I thought that the gum demonstration with the huge bag and then the snack size baggies was a great example of reducing. Seeing reusing and reducing really helps the students to better understand these words and what they mean. I also liked how you allowed each student to share the types of things that they recycle at their homes or here at school. It showed that they understood the concept. The earth bracelet was great. Many of my students are wearing their bracelets again today. I asked a few of them what each color meant before school start and they remembered! I also liked the fact that they got to take home a handout about the bracelet and what each color stood for . The students were also very excited about the coloring book and badge. Overall this was a fantastic program that taught the students so much! With the push for going green this is a great background program for that!"
Lori Tyler Ayersville Elementary, Kindergarten.

"I really enjoyed the program and my students did too. Short, sweet and informative."
Mrs. Rath Defiance Elementary

"Another great job this year with the kindergarten presentations at Noble! We greatly appreciated and so did the students."
Kisha Genter, Noble Elementary.

"You did such a great job with my students and I thought the hats were more age appropriate for my young 5’s. I enjoyed the story as much as they did. Lol – even recycling toilet paper. Thanks for taking your time to come and discuss this important topic with my students. I always learn something new each year as well. This year I learned that one of our teachers is collecting the plastic caps/lids. Now I know where I can recycle mind. Hope we will see your again next year!"
Lois Brown, Ayersville Elementary

"Great as always! The students always enjoy the presentation."
Sheryl McCoy, Defiance Elementary

School Recycling Program

Recycle Logo

All schools and school buildings in the County have a paper recycling program in place.  The Defiance County Environmental and Administrative Services
office provides boxes to all schools to collect recyclable paper.  Some
schools have internal programs where they collect and transport their own paper.  Several schools are provided with Mighty-Tidy containers from Werlor and we offer transportation of recycled paper to the Werlor facility.  This program is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

For more information on educational events, please review the calendar of events on our web site or contact Defiance County Environmental Services at (419) 782-5442 for more information on all of our recycling programs.


Defiance County prohibits discrimination in all its programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, and where applicable, sex, marital status, familial status, parental status, religion, sexual orientation or political beliefs. Defiance County is also an equal opportunity employer.

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