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Help Me Grow

Help Me Grow

Help Me Grow is a program for Ohio's expectant parents, newborns, infants, and toddlers that provides health and developmental services so children start school healthy and ready to learn. Help Me Grow provides the building blocks for success by providing a little extra support to families in the crucial time of early development. Help Me Grow recognizes the importance of families as the best teachers and support system for young children.

Building upon the family's strengths, Help Me Grow works with families to identify resources that will best meet the needs of the family and child. Services Help Me Grow offers can include the following:

  • Referrals to community resources to meet the needs of the family.
  • Home Visitation to provide parenting and child development information.
  • Evaluations, assessments or screenings that measure a child's strengths and weaknesses in all areas of development, with referral to specialized services and therapies (such as early intervention, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy) as needed.
  • Family support activities, such as ways to play with your child to promote learning and development.
  • Up-to-date information on your child's health, growth and development, and parenting to lay the foundation for later success in school.
  • Connecting children at age three with appropriate transition services.

How do you connect to Help Me Grow services? Call 888-648-8732.

All Help Me Grow services are free, voluntary and designed with the family's concerns and goals in mind.

Helping Ohio's children become healthy, happy, and ready to succeed!


Defiance County prohibits discrimination in all its programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, and where applicable, sex, marital status, familial status, parental status, religion, sexual orientation or political beliefs. Defiance County is also an equal opportunity employer.

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