Contact Information

Defiance County Recorder
500 Second Street, Suite 201
Defiance, Ohio 43512

Cecilia A. Parsons, Recorder
Cathy Behringer, Chief Deputy Recorder
Kelly Erman, Deputy Recorder
Patty Mehring, Deputy Recorder

P: (419) 782-4741
F: (419) 782-3421

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your filing fees?
Please visit the Schedule of Fees.

How do I file a mechanic lien?
We can only record documents and are not responsible for preparing items such as liens, which must be complete before coming to the Recorder’s office. Please contact an attorney for legal advice.

Can you check to see if there are certain issues concerning my property?
The Recorder’s office cannot perform searches for the public, however, all records kept with the Recorder’s office are public record. If you have any questions regarding your property, please feel free to come to the office and perform the search yourself. We will be happy to aid you in your search.

Also, you can try the Online Document Index Search system to see if the information you need is contained within the document index.

Has my mortgage been cancelled?
We cannot perform searches on mortgages for the public, but are available to help you perform a search with the office. Also, you may search the Online Document Index Search systems to check if a release has been recorded on your mortgage.

Could you please tell me how to obtain a copy of a birth certificate?
Contact the Defiance County Health Department at (419) 784-3818

How do I obtain the property value, past sales prices, and current real estate taxes assessed on a parcel of property in Defiance County?
Visit the Auditor’s website and look up the information. If you have any problems, contact the Defiance County Auditor’s Office at (419) 784-3111.

Does your county have tract (geographical) indexing?

Does your county require a legal description with releases and assignments?

Is their a fee for marginal notations on releases and assignment?
Yes, a $4.00 fee is required.

What do you charge for copies made by the public?
$0.25 per copy

What do your charge for copies made by the Recorder's Staff?
$2.00 per copy per ORC 317.32(I)

Does your county offer on-line access? If so, is there a cost involved?
We have online access to the indexes.

What is your County Auditor's conveyance fee?
$4.00 per thousand

What is your County Auditor's transfer fee?
$0.50 per parcel

Does your county require a SASE or postage?

Does your county have Registered Land (Torrens)?

Does your county supply blank forms for purchase?

What is your county's document turn-around time?
3 days

Does your office record Soldiers Discharge Records (DD214)?

Why aren’t document images available for viewing online?
Simply put – for resident security. Early on, we determined that many documents that have been recorded and/or filed in the County Recorder’s office inadvertently contain a resident’s social security number or other personal information.

In conjunction with the logic and prudent responsibility shared by many other Ohio County Recorders, in Defiance County we chose not to place document images online to safeguard and protect our resident’s personal information.

While it may be an inconvenience to some, and it is accepted that there are certain people that would benefit from placing such valuable information on line, for the majority of the residents doing so could place them at risk. In our estimation, the risk outweighs the reward.

As a result, it is our policy to not have document images available online as it eliminates one more place that an identity thief can search to steal one’s personal information.

Defiance County prohibits discrimination in all its programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, and where applicable, sex, marital status, familial status, parental status, religion, sexual orientation or political beliefs. Defiance County is also an equal opportunity employer.

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