DATE:            Tuesday,  February 26th,  2008


LOCATION: 500 Court Street – County Commissioners 2nd floor Conference Room


TIME:             7:00 P.M.


Meeting was called to order by Mr.  Lynn Keller,  Chairman of the Defiance Township Zoning Bd of Appeals.   Mr.  Keller asked the clerk to call the roll.   


The Clerk then called the roll for attendance.  Board of Appeals members present were:  Lynn Keller - Chaiman,  Bruce Hahn, Thomas Rosendale, Larry Plummer & alternate Robert Williamson.  With four of five members and an alternate answering present a quorum was declared.


Other Township representatives present were:  Mr.  James Schlegel – Township Zoning Inspector, Mr. Dan Peck,  Mr. Richard Ankney & Mr. Charles Bakle – Township Trustees. 


Visitors present were:  Ruth Ann Schofield 15968 Campbell Rd,  Robert McLimans of Clear Channel Radio – 2110 Radio Drive,  & JoEllen Houck of 8 Deville Drive,  Defiance,  Ohio.   


Chairman Keller then read item 1 of the agenda: 


Item 1:             A request for a   “variance”  to the Township’s set back requirements.  The applicant proposes to construct an addition to the existing business which will in part encroach upon the set back limits per the Township’s Zoning Codes.  This property fronts Radio Drive in Defiance Township,  Defiance, County,  Defiance,  Ohio  43512.  The parcel on which the building is located is approximately four acres more or less and is part of section 27 – Town Four (4) North, Range Four (4) East, a part of the Westwood Addition of  the City of Defiance,  Defiance Township, Defiance County, Ohio.  The parcel ID is  B110027000600. 


a.      Mr.  Keller noted that a packet of information which contained a copy of the application for the “12’ variance”,  and data on the proposed project supplied by Defiance County Soil & Water had been provided by the clerk to all Zoning Bd Appeals members. 


b.      Mr.  Keller then asked for Mr. McLimans to describe the need for the “variance”. 


a.      Mr.  McLimans was recognized and said he was representing Clear Channel radio.  They propose to expand their current building on Radio drive in order to place the offices of the three radio stations in Defiance owned by Clear Channel in one structure.  In order to extend the building their design proposal would maintain the structure’s current façade.  This would maintain the aesthetics of the building.  Without the variance the expansion would need to have a recessed 90 degree wall jutting away from the street (Radio Drive  This would present a less then appealing structure to the public passing by. 

b.      Mr.  Schlegel was recognized and stated he found no issues with the variance.   The “variance” was for 12’.   He also noted that the variance would apply to a very small corner of the parking lot to the east of the building (several feet).

c.      Mr.  Keller asked if any of the Appeals Board members had any concerns or issues with the proposed “variance”.  All agreed that the project would enhance the area.  There were no stated objections.

i.      Keller then asked if there were any other concerns or questions. 

ii.      There were none.


Chairman Keller requested a motion for the approval/disapproval of the request.


Mr.  Plummer moved to approve the requested “variance” of 12’ for this project.  Mr.  Rosendale seconded.


The clerk called the roll.


Lynn Keller, Chair      yea                              Thomas Rosendale      yea


Robert Williamson       yea                              Bruce Hahn                  Yea


Larry Plummer              Yea 


The vote being five yea’s and no nea’s - the motion to approve the “12’ variance request” was approved.


The Chair asked if there was any other business to come before the Board. 

There being no further business to come before the Board of Appeals Mr.  Keller requested a motion to adjourn the meeting. 


            Motion:             Mr.  Hahn   


            Second:            Mr.   Williamson                                         


YEA(s)      5                 NAY(s)        0               Passed      X                Failed


The meeting adjourned.