DATE:            Tuesday,  March 27,  2007




TIME:             7:00 P.M.


Meeting was called to order by Mr.  Lynn Keller,  Chairman of the Defiance Township Zoning Bd of Appeals.   Mr.  Keller asked the clerk to call the roll.   


The Clerk then called the roll for attendance.  Board of Appeals members present were:  Lynn Keller,  Ruth Ann Schofield, Rodell Behlke,  Bruce Hahn & Marvin Scott.   All five members of the Board having answered the roll a quorum was declared.


Other Township representatives present were:  Mr.  James Schlegel – Township Zoning Inspector, Mr. Robert Layne,  Mr. Dan Peck, & Mr. Richard Ankney – Township Trustees. 


Visitors present were:  Roy Perez 812 Indian Bridge Lane – Zoning Commission member,  Rod & Corrina Rittenhouse 512 Ravine & JoEllen Houck of 8 Deville Drive,  Defiance,  Ohio.   


Chairman Keller then read item 1 of the agenda: 


Item 1:             Rod Rittenshouse P.O. Box 382,  Defiance,  Ohio,  43512  requested a variance to Township’s sign restrictions.  The applicant proposes to construct a  sign “obelisk” on property fronting Baltimore Road.  The parcel is part of the N.W. Quarter of section 27 in Defiance Township, Defiance County, Ohio.  The parcel ID is  B110027-0-008-00. 


a.      The clerk was acknowledged and noted that a packet of information which contained a copy of the application for a “variance” to the Twp sign code,  an explanation for need of the request, an aerial of the full parcel from co auditor’s web page and an engineer’s drawing of land and proposed “obelisk” was provided to Board members.


b.      Mr.  Keller then asked if anyone wished to comment on this proposal.


a.      Mr.  Rittenhouse explained that the variance requested was due to the needed sign size.

i.      The sign needs to be big enough to accommodate all businesses using his buildings planned on this parcel.  Possibly up to 12 businesses.

ii.      Further, the obelisk will – in his opinion – become a local landmark and serve as a location finder for residents and visitors.

iii.      Rittenhouse also said that the sign’s design is very pleasing and will enhance the area.

b.      Mr.  Keller asked if the size would interfere with traffic or be a hindrance to drivers coming or leaving the property or be a safety issue relative to electric wire etc. 

i.      Both Zoning Inspector Schlegel and Rittenhouse said that would not be a problem.

ii.      Further, Mr. Schlegel endorsed the sign variance request. 


Chairman Keller request’s a motion for the approval/disapproval of the request.


Mr.  Hahn moved to approve the requested “variance”  to the Township’s sign code.    Mr. Behlke seconded.


The clerk called the roll.


Lynn Keller, Chair      yea                              Rodell Behlke                           yea


Ruth Ann Schofield      yea                              Marvin Scott                  yea


Bruce Hahn                  Yea


The motion to approve the “variance”  was approved.


The Chair asked if there was any other business to come before the Board. 

There being no further business to come before the Board of Appeals Mr.  Keller requested a motion to adjourn the meeting. 


            Motion:             Mr.  Behlke


            Second:            Mrs.  Schofield                                        


YEA(s)      5                 NAY(s)        0               Passed      X                Failed


The meeting adjourned.