Thursday, March 2, 2017


The Board of Defiance County Commissioners met in regular session at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, March 2, 2017 in the in the Hicksville Village Council Room, Hicksville, Ohio. Commissioner Ryan Mack called the meeting to order.  Also present were Commissioners Gary Plotts and Mick Pocratsky, Sherry Carnahan, Finance Manager/Administrator, and Stephanie Metz, Clerk.


The Commissioners met in General Session and approved and signed various resolutions, contracts and documents. The Commissioners also reviewed the calendar of events and discussed upcoming meetings.


Based upon the recommendation of Warren Schlatter, Defiance County Engineer, the Commissioners awarded the 2017 Crushed Aggregate bid to all of the bidders so that material can be obtained from the most geographically/economically advantageous supplier.


Also based upon the recommendation of Warren Schlatter, the Commissioners awarded portions of the 2017 Bituminous Materials to K Tech Specialty Coatings, Inc. and Asphalt Materials, Inc.


The Commissioners met with Nancy Yambor and Ricki Slattery to discuss possible appointments to the Citizens Advisory Committee for CCNO. After the interviews, the Commissioners decided to appoint both of them to fill the two vacancies on the Citizens Advisory Committee for CCNO. The Citizen’s Advisory Committee’s purpose is: To allow public input and furnish information about the physical plant and operations of the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio; To evaluate the operations at the CCNO and make recommendation for possible improvements; To make recommendations to local Community Corrections Planning Boards and officials on effective jail population management through the use of alternatives to incarceration programs; and To assist in publicizing the activities of the CCNO. The Committee usually holds meetings on a quarterly basis. The term is for three years.


The Commissioners went to the Hicksville Senior Center to meet the staff and tour the facility.





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                                         Ryan Mack, Defiance County Commissioner