Monday, March 13, 2017


The Board of Defiance County Commissioners met in regular session at 1:00 p.m. on Monday, March 13, 2017 in the Second Floor Conference Room of the Commissionersí Session Room at 500 Court Street, Defiance, Ohio 43512. Commissioner Ryan Mack called the meeting to order. Also present were Commissioners Gary Plotts and Mick Pocratsky, Sherry Carnahan, Finance Manager/Administrator, and Stephanie Metz, Clerk.


Prior to the meeting, the Commissioners attended the CCAO Regional Legislative Briefing in Ottawa, Ohio. The Commissioners received updates from Representative Craig Riedel, Representative Rob McColley, State Senator Cliff Hite, and CCAO staff. Governorís Representative Luann Cooke also provided an update on the State budget.


The Commissioners met in General Session and approved and signed various resolutions, contracts and documents. The Commissioners also reviewed the calendar of events and discussed upcoming meetings.


The Commissioners certified the February Solid Waste Disposal Submittal Forms for the Landfill facilities. Defiance Township, as the host government agency received $2,016.15.The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) also received $988.91 for the construction, & demolition debris (C&DD) waste. Monthly (MSW) Disposal fees paid to the Ohio EPA for the Defiance County Landfill was $29,103.11. The Four County Solid Waste District received $10,137.15.


Warren Schlatter, Defiance County Engineer met with the Commissioners to provide a weekly update for the Engineerís Office and a monthly update for the Landfill. Warren reported that in February there were sales of $302,790.07 from 9,053.51 tons and 36,453 cubic yards. This compares to sales of $287,511.63 from 8,939.46 tons and 32,313 cubic yards in February, 2016.


The Commissionersí Office recently received the February 2017 report from Cecilia Parsons, Defiance County Recorder. Cecilia the following instruments being recorded: 133 deeds, 116 mortgages, 126 releases, 2 power of attorneys, 2 plats and 5 leases; this compares to 121 deeds, 125 mortgages, 127 releases, 5 power of attorneys, 1 plat and 1 lease in February, 2016. There were receipts of $20,069.25, of which $9,802.50 went to the Housing Trust Fund and $8,341.75 went to the General Fund. This compares to receipts of $20,404.75 in February, 2016, of which $9,895.00 went to the Housing Trust Fund and $8,639.75 went to the General Fund.




Release Approved:††††††††† ____________________________________________________†††††††††

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Ryan Mack, Defiance County Commissioner