Thursday, October 12, 2017


The Board of Defiance County Commissioners met in regular session at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, October 12, 2017 in the Commissioners’ Session Room at 500 Court Street, Defiance, Ohio 43512. Commissioner Ryan Mack called the meeting to order.  Also present were Commissioners Mick Pocratsky and Gary Plotts, Sherry Carnahan, Finance Manager/Administrator, and Stephanie Metz, Clerk.


The Commissioners met in General Session and approved and signed various resolutions, contracts and documents. The Commissioners also reviewed the calendar of events and discussed upcoming meetings.


The Commissioners certified the September Solid Waste Disposal Submittal Forms for the Landfill facilities. Defiance Township, as the host government agency received $2,416.79.  The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) also received $2,043.11 for the construction, & demolition debris (C&DD) waste. Monthly (MSW) Disposal fees paid to the Ohio EPA for the Defiance County Landfill was $34,239.00. The Four County Solid Waste District received $12,146.07.


Due to the bid exceeding 10% of the Engineer’s Estimate, the Commissioners rejected the bid for the Auglaize Village Barn Repairs.


The Commissioners approved a bridge posting change and authorized Defiance County Engineer Warren Schlatter to change the appropriate signs. After review of the load rating calculations done by Kohli & Kaliher Associates, Defiance County Engineer Warren Schlatter recommended changing the bridge posting for the bridge on Farmer Mark Road over Platter Creek from 15,18,20,33 ton to:

2 Axle-15 Ton

3 Axle-18 Ton

4 Axle-19 Ton

5 Axle-21 Ton

6+ Axle-22 Ton

Semi Configuration-34 Ton.


For the upcoming November 7, 2017 General Election, Ohio voters will decide a number of local issues and races. Ohioans will also vote on two statewide ballot issues:

Issue 1— Proposed Constitutional Amendment: Rights for Crime Victims

Issue 2— Proposed Law: To require state agencies to not pay more for prescription drugs than the federal Department of Veterans Affairs and require state payment of attorney fees and expenses to specific individuals for defense of the law.


The 2017 State Issues Report, which includes the official ballot language, explanation, arguments for and against, and the full text of the issues, is now posted on the Ohio Secretary of State’s website at (click on the "Know the Statewide Issues" button at the bottom of the home page). The website is also a resource for information on absentee voting, voting early in person and Election Day procedures.


Julie Voll, Defiance County Family & Children First Coordinator, met with the Commissioners to provide a quarterly update.


Bruce Clevenger, Defiance County OSU Extension, met with the Commissioners to provide a quarterly update.

Ag & Natural Resources:

·       OSU Extension taught nearly 430 youth at the Defiance County Public Safety/EMA Open House. Clevenger taught Safety When Visiting a Farm.

·       Clevenger was invited to teach at the Defiance Soil and Water Conservation 6th Grade Tour at Auglaize Village. Approximately 250 youth learned from Clevenger about Products that Come from Trees. Everyday items such as car wax, cork, latex gloves, and chocolate are all products of trees.

·       Cover crops on farmland are often seen in Defiance County. What about cover crops for gardeners? Clevenger taught at a Defiance Soil and Water Conservation workshop to 18 area gardeners and produce farmers. Participants learned and discussed the benefits, types and mixtures of cover crops that can work in NW Ohio. The biggest challenge might be having enough warm temperatures in the fall to establish following a fall garden harvest. Interseeding, companion planting, soil quality and terminating the cover crop were included to assist the participants. SWCD provided free seed packets to allow the gardeners and producers to try to experience cover crops in the garden.

·       During July, August, and September over 120 phone calls, email and/or personal visits were made to the county agriculture/natural resources educator and staff. Examples of requested information: Waterhemp weed identification, pond management, wildlife management, soil testing, farmland rent, new fertilizer certification, pesticide license recertification, and cover crop management.

          SNAP Ed:

·       The SNAP Ed program presented 28 education sessions with over 250 participants.

·       Summer foods finished in August. Locations receiving SNAP Ed were Hebron Ministries and Ralston Square Apartments. The children played various games using MyPlate. Go, Slow, Whoa reinforced healthier food choices. Nutrition bingo and puzzle plates allowed the older children to help out the younger children.

·       Island Seniors and St. Paul's Methodist food pantry participants learned about whole grain vs. refined grain. Whole grain crackers and pasta were sampled.

·       A successful Cooking Matters was held at St. Paul's Methodist Church. Eleven participants graduated. Turkey burgers, stir fry, and yogurt parfaits were a few of the healthy meals that were cooked.

          4-H Youth Development:

·       2017 Defiance County Junior Fair Update - Youth members involved in 4-H community clubs, took advantage of the opportunity to display their projects and be involved with activities at the county fair. Much time and preparation is given by the 4-H Educator and volunteers in getting activities, shows and events organized for fair exposition. Kid's Day — The 4-H Program conducted "Cool Science" activities during Kid's Day. These activities included Marshmallow Fun, Art Bots, Lego Robot Demonstration, and Corny Polymer Balls. Kids also were invited to participate in a stick horse relay.

·       4-H Member Education and Evaluation - Youth education and evaluation are the essence of OSU Extension 4-H Youth Development program. Youth (4-H and FFA) received positive feedback on project work, which leads to increased self-esteem and motivation. 4-H offers a vast array of educational opportunities of which fair and camp are the most visible. These tools allow an incorporation of project evaluation, competition and recognition for youth. There were 551 youth 4-H and FFA members with 1841 projects who participated in one or more forms of formal evaluation in 2017.

·       4-H Camp Palmer - 4-H Camp participation was at 143 total campers. This number represents 110 youth campers, 23 teen counselors and 10 adult volunteers. 58% of campers received scholarships totaling $3100. Youth participating at camp made new friends, developed independence from their family, participated in leadership and skill building activities and had safe supervised fun with their friends. They were given a new opportunity through 4-H programming that they might not otherwise have had a chance to experience.


Vickie Myers, Defiance County Treasurer, met with the Commissioners to review the public depositors for Defiance County. Three banks submitted to be the County’s main depository for the County’s active checking account. Eight banks submitted to be public depositors for public funds for Defiance County. The Commissioners will make a formal decision at a later date.




Release Approved:          ____________________________________________________         

                                          Ryan Mack, Defiance County Commissioner