Thursday, January 18, 2018


The Board of Defiance County Commissioners met in regular session at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, January 18, 2018 in the in the Commissionersí Session Room at 500 Court Street, Defiance, Ohio 43512. President Ryan Mack called the meeting to order.Also present were Commissioners Gary Plotts and Mick Pocratsky, and Stephanie Metz, Clerk.


The Commissioners met in General Session; they approved and signed various resolutions, contracts and documents. The Commissioners also reviewed the calendar of events and discussed upcoming meetings.


The Commissioners certified the December Solid Waste Disposal Submittal Forms for the Landfill facilities. Defiance Township, as the host government agency received $2,222.06.The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) also received $1,242.83 for the construction, & demolition debris (C&DD) waste. Monthly (MSW) Disposal fees paid to the Ohio EPA for the Defiance County Landfill was $32,012.26. The Four County Solid Waste District received $10,967.58.


Tina Hiler, Defiance County Senior Servicesí Director, met with the Commissioners to provide a monthly update. Tina reported that in 2017 there were 89,490 meals and 10,822 rides (to doctorís appointments, dialysis, therapy, to the two Defiance County Senior Centers, or other community locations) provided to the seniors of Defiance County. In addition to this, the Defiance County Senior Services also provided the following in 2017:

       500 meals for senior adults attending the Defiance County Fair Senior Celebration that were not included in the annual meal count;

       Assistance with grocery shopping and list shopping for ill seniors;

       Assistance with free Medicare part D enrollment;

       Music and Memory Program;

       Information/Education and private consultations;

       Tax assistance through AARP trained volunteers;

       Health and Wellness programs including: an exercise room, Zumba classes, yoga classes, Tai Chi, Stretch band exercises, bible study, games and cards, bingo, etc.;

       Annual Senior Health Fair.


Randy Vogel, Defiance County Dog Warden, met with the Commissioners to provide a quarterly update. Randy reported that in 2017 there were 858 calls investigated. This resulted in 177 warnings and 238 citations.


Jason Roehrig, Defiance County Soil & Water Conservation District, met with the Commissioners to provide a quarterly update. Jason reported that in 2017 there were 55 site reviews completed. In 2017 the classroom conservation education programs were presented to over 5,500 students in Defiance County. The photo and poster contests are underway for K-12 students with submittal deadlines of April 9th. Kidsí Outdoor Science Camp is being held at Camp Palmer on June 4-7, 2018. The Kidsí Camp at Penney Nature Center will be held on June 12-14, 2018.


Jim Harris and Wes Zwiebel, Brunersburg Water & Sewer, met with the Commissioners to provide an update. Jim informed the Board that they signed the Ohio EPAís findings and orders for the Evansport Public Water System. They previously hired an engineering firm to perform a study to provide a general plan for the Evansport Public Water System in response to findings and orders (due to high TTHMís). Jim stated that the next step is for the engineering firm to provide several options for a solution; then to find funding for the necessary upgrades and/or repairs to the system.


Senator Rob McColley met with the Commissioners to discuss various pending matters. The Commissioners stated that some of their concerns are the budget and unfunded mandates, upgrading and financing voting equipment upgrades, and the opioid crisis.








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