Future Development of Defiance County Airport

2014 Plans

Currently, the Defiance County Airport Authority has plans for several projects to be implemented and completed in 2014. Lighting renovations are currently being completed on the taxiway thanks to a grant received from the FAA. Perram Electric will be completing the project in late spring. Periodic closures of the airport will occur to complete the project. Please review our site for information regarding the closures.

During the summer, the Airport Authority is planning to complete crack-sealing of the airport runway to maintain the runway and keep it in good repair. Funding for this project will be provided locally by the Airport Authority.

During the late fall or early winter, hazard trees located on the airport property that have grown into the airspace will be trimmed or cleared. Bidding for this project has been completed and the Airport Authority is awaiting word on a possible grant from the FAA to complete this project.

2015 and Beyond

One of our primary goals as the Airport Authority Board is to continuously provide a safe and enhanced facility at the Defiance County Airport. We believe that extending our runway to 5,000 feet will provide a safer environment for all of those that wish to arrive to or depart from the Defiance County Memorial Airport. Our other primary goal is to enhance our facility’s offerings to increase the economic benefit of the airport to communities in Defiance County and Northwest Ohio.