Are you building a new house?  Constructing a business?  Moving to a new location?  To have utilities installed, mail received or a location for emergency services, a residence or business needs to have the structure numbered.


How is this done?  Come to the Defiance County Engineer’s Office, 510 Court Street, Ste 201,  Defiance OH.  Please bring a scalable drawing of your lot with the driveway and building clearly marked (the site plan from Defiance County Soil & Water Conservation is ideal).


Each house is given a 5-digit number.  The first two digits of each number refer to the road, with regard to its placement within the county.  Each road in the county is numbered in increasing numbers from the west to east and north to south.  The remaining three digits refer to the proportionate distance between the section lines which the residence occupies.  The 5-digit number ends with an odd digit if the residence is on the north or east side of the road.  If the residence is on the south or west side of the road, the 5-digit number will end with an even digit.




                   A house is located on the south side of an east-west road, between the 3rd and 4th north-south section lines.  The distance between the two section lines is determined to be 6200 feet.  The residence’s location is positioned at the 550’ point.


                   The first two digits would be “03” because of its position between the 3rd and 4th north-south section lines.


                   The last three digits would be determined by the following formula:








                   Since the residence is located on the south side of the road, the number would be 88 (even) and would be shown as “088” (a 3-digit number).


                   Therefore, the number of the residence would be determined to be 03088.


As long as there is a scalable drawing brought in when you arrive to request a house number, this can all be handled while you wait.


The updated information is sent to the Fire Departments, Police Departments, Rescue Squads, Cities, Villages and Townships, as needed, for their records.