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The procedures outlined herein shall serve as the guide to the uniform method for applying the regulations governing the issuance of permits established by the Defiance County    Engineer to operate or move vehicles or combinations of vehicles or loads of a size or weight exceeding the maximum(s) set forth in Ohio Revised Code Sections 5577.01 to 5577.09 on any highway maintained by the Defiance County Engineer and / or      township maintained roads in the county.

SPECIAL HAULING PERMITS issued by the Defiance County Engineer apply only to County or Township roadways outside of incorporated areas unless a particular       municipal corporation has by agreement requested the Defiance County Engineer regulate such activity within the respective corporation.

SPECIAL HAULING PERMITS issued by the Defiance County Engineer only cover the aforesaid roadways within Defiance County.  Permits to move over state highways must be obtained from the Director of the Ohio Department of Transportation.  The County Engineer shall assume no liability for the failure of the applicant to secure such state permits.

Applications for SPECIAL HAULING PERMITS shall bear the signature and title of the    person or authorized representative who assumes full responsibility for the proposed move.


1. After receiving an application for a SPECIAL HAULING PERMIT, the County Engineer or an authorized representative will review the application for completeness and will inspect the proposed route requested by the applicant for roadway and structure conditions.

2. If after reviewing the application and inspecting the proposed route the County Engineer determines the proposed route may adversely affect the highway or related                appurtenances or maintenance of the highway, a conference will be called with the   applicant to discuss alternate routes and / or reductions in the size or weight of the load.


Prior to the County Engineer issuing a permit, the applicant will be required to furnish one of the following:

1. Liability Insurance with at least $500,000 bodily injury and property damage, $1,000,000 each occurrence or, in the absence of liability insurance with at least these limits, an umbrella policy of at least $1,000,000.  A copy of the contract endorsement shall be filed with the application.
1. OR

2. Surety Bond or certified check or approved escrow account is required in an amount        sufficient to pay for all damages that may occur to all county and township maintained highways, bridges, and related appurtenances. 


Trip & Return   This permit is for overweight loads to travel to single locations.  All axle weights must still be legal as defined in the Ohio Department of Transportation's    Special Hauling Regulations.  An escort may be required.  The Engineer's office MUST be notified at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of each move so the Engineer's office is able to determine whether county personnel will be required to   monitor the move.  FAILURE TO PROVIDE ADVANCE NOTICE OF EACH MOVE WILL VOID THE PERMIT.

Seasonal    This permit covers loads that are of legal weight; but during winter months may damage county or township roadways (usually January 15 to April 15).  If a load    cannot be reduced during this period, a permit may be requested.  The Engineer's     office MUST be notified in advance of any move and the Engineer will determine what routes may be traveled.

Annual Overwide    This permit covers loads that are of legal weight; but are from 8 ft. 6 in. wide up to and including 14 ft. wide.  A single permit will cover tractor and any    trailers or loads that fall within these width parameters for one (1) year.  The             Engineer's office must be given at least twenty-four (24) hours advance notice of any move so the Engineer can determine the most appropriate route and decide whether county personnel must be present to monitor the move.  FAILURE TO PROVIDE ADVANCE NOTICE OF EACH MOVE WILL VOID THE PERMIT.

Construction Equipment    This permit authorizes the movement of oversized loads to and from a project on a specified route for a specified period of time.  A copy of the permit must be carried in the tractor / trailer that is hauling the equipment.

Overweight    A special permit for special moves, (e.g. a "Super Load" or building / house move) that require special conditions and arrangements, routing, bonds, escorts,   videotaping of the roadway in advance, contact with utilities, etc.


3. The applicant is responsible for following all safety requirements, (e.g. signs, flaggers,     escorts, axle weights, etc.) and all other safety requirements established by the County Engineer's office to ensure a safe move.

Safety and Accessibility of the destination.  The roadway and site must be kept clear of all materials and obstacles to the traveling public during entry to the site.  Access to the site should be easily accessible and inspected prior to the movement of the vehicle and load.