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Environmental Alternatives



Air Fresheners - Leave an open box of baking soda in a room, boil water, add cloves and cinnamon and simmer.

Ant Repellant - In kitchen and bathrooms, wash counter-tops, cabinets and floors with parts vinegar and water.

Avoid Wrinkles - Don't get too much sun, Eat fruits, dark leafy vegetables, beans and nuts.

Battery Cleaner - Clean battery terminals with a mixture of 2 teaspoons bicarbonate with 1 liter of water and apply generously.

Bleach - Use one cup of lemon juice in bucket that has been 1/2 filled with water, soak overnight.

Bug Bites - Cut a potato in 1/2 and gently apply to the bite. The potato will help draw toxins out of the skin. A wedge of pineapple can help neutralize the enzymes that get under the skin from insects. Paste type toothpaste will relieve the pain from a sting.

Carpet - General stains use white distilled vinegar and warm water, put into a spray bottle and then blot the stain. Sprinkle bicarbonate of soda on carpet before vacuuming to deodorize. Remove red wine stains with club soda.

Dishwashing Detergent - Pure soap to wash dishes and add white vinegar in the rinse for a spot free shine

Drain Opener - To prevent clogging, flush drain weekly with boiling water and vinegar. If clogged, pour 1/2 cup of baking soda and 1-1/2 cup vinegar in the drain.

Flea & Tick Repellant - Feed brewer's yeast and garlic to the pet.

Furniture Polish - Mix 3 parts olive oil and 1 part vinegar and use a soft cloth. Mix 1 part lemon juice and 2 parts olive oil and use a soft cloth.

General Household Cleaner - 3 tablespoons of baking soda into warm water and/or add white vinegar

Glass or Mirror Cleaner - Wash the window first with warm soapy water, use a newspaper moistened with vinegar to get a streak free shine.

Mold & Mildew - Mix borax and water and wipe the area. In the shower, wash down with borax and leave on, the residue will fight mold growth.

Mosquito Repellant - Drink brewer's yeast or take it in a tablet form during the mosquito months.

Oil Stains - Rub white chalk on area before washing.

Roach Repellant - Leave out bay leaves or sprinkle borax.

Tar Remover - Moisten a cloth with eucalyptus oil and rub clean.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Vinegar, a can of coke a cola will also remove build up.

Insect Control

Home Insect Control Moths (Pomanders) - Stick cloves into surface of apple or orange until completely covered. Cover with white tissue and let dry for two weeks in a dry, airy place. Then unwrap and hang in closet. Cedar wood chips (or chests) also repel moths.

Cockroaches & Ants - Fill cracks around shelves, cupboards, sinks and bathtubs with caulking, putty or paint. Sprinkle equal parts of confectioners' sugar and borax in dry area where ant or roaches are found. Be sure these areas are not reachable to children or pets, Boric Acid is toxic! Do not apply in areas where food is stored or eaten. Also a mixture of chopped bay leaves and cucumber skins can be placed out to deter roaches.

Flies - Mint plants set in window sills help to repel flies.

Fleas - Nutritional yeast added to the diet of a dog or cat has been known to help. Also vacuum floors and furniture thoroughly. Fleas spend more time off of an animal.

Mealy Bugs or Scales on House Plants - Apply alcohol or oil directly to the colonies with a small paintbrush.

Personal Hygiene - Our hair and skin often suffer from the many detergents we use on them. Some of us counteract these results with conditioners and moisturizers. We end up with dozens of foreign substances absorbed by our skin. Many items found within the home can produce a more satisfying and healthier result in our daily cleaning routine.

Shampoo - Beat one egg yolk gradually adding 1 cup water. Massage into hair and rinse.

Rinse - Lemon or vinegar rinse removes detergents and replaces a proper Ph balance.

Conditioner - Massage 2 tbsp. natural yogurt throughout hair.

Baths - Use oils for dry skin, herbs for fragrance and relaxation, salt for cleansing and toning, starch to give skin sleekness and/or milk to soften the skin.

Cleanser - Oatmeal cleans and softens without soap. Wrap some in a cloth and use as a washcloth.

Hand Lotion - Combine ripe tomato, lemon juice, and glycerin in equal parts. Massage into skin and rinse with tepid water.

Toothpaste - Add enough water to baking soda to form a paste.

Mouthwash - A salt and water solution will disinfect germs and eliminate odors in the mouth.

Companion Planting - Including certain plants throughout and around the garden can repel a variety of insects. These plants are: nasturtium, tansy, euphoria, rue, dahlias, marigolds, aster, cosmos, coreopsis, garlic, chive, savory, rosemary, petunias and thyme. It also is helpful to mix plants. When a garden is set aside for one type of plant it becomes a definite target for its particular pest.

Aphids - Garlic, chives, petunias and nasturtiums repel aphids. Also protect ladybugs and lacewings; they prey on many garden pests.

Cabbage Worms - Tansy, rosemary and tomato help repel cabbage worms.

Other pests - Many insects despise the smell and taste of PEPPER!