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2005 Magic Show at Anthony Wayne Elementary

Garbage is My Bag by Jack Golden

November 3, 2005

Jack Golden begins his program discussing litter issues. Litter needs to be picked up. Litter needs to be disposed of in the correct containers. Jack had quite a receptive audience. Teachers and Students from Anthony Wayne enjoyed the program. The students were from Kindergarten through Fourth grades. Jack had the students laughing at his antics. The students were learning about recycling while having fun! Jack needed a volunteer from the audience! Nearly every hand was up! A lovely lady in pink was selected and she did an outstanding job assisting Jack! All eyes ahead, watching and learning. Jack Golden explains his recycling machine and asks for another volunteer.

The 4th grade student places the ‘brain wave’ helmet on his head to channel recycling thoughts to the recycling machine. Jack gets the audience to think really hard about recycling, sending ‘waves’ to the helmet. A closer view of Jack’s recycling machine. The recycling brain waves generated trash into recycling items! Jack concludes his program with a review of recycling by performing a rap song and dance. The students really liked the rap. Jack concludes his program. The students cheered and applauded!