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Mercury Exchange Program

The Defiance County Environmental Services will be implementing the annual Mercury Exchange Program during the month of October, 2008. Outside temperature thermometers will be given to recyclers who bring in thermostats containing mercury and medical digital thermometers will be exchanged for the mercury glass stick types.

Recyclers can go to any recycle locations and exchange their mercury filled items. Mercury should be secured in a plastic or glass container. The cap should be taped with electrical tape. This container should then be placed in a zip-lock plastic bag or placed inside another plastic or glass container with a sealed lid. If you have any questions, please call 419-782-5442.

Any large quantities of mercury should be called into the Defiance Environmental office for proper disposal or pickup. Please call 419-782-5442 or contact Dave Heinlein at BGSU, see our contacts page for numbers and website information.

For additional information regarding mercury recycling and/or general data, please check out the following sites: