Defiance County Sheriff Star

Douglas J. Engel, Sheriff

K-9 Unit

The Defiance County Sheriff's Office has had a long tradition of K-9's dating back to the 1970's. Since 1989, there has been a continuous K-9 program, which now has three active K-9 units. All of the current K-9's and their handlers have completed intensive training through the Allen County Sheriff's Office training academy in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This training is a fourteen week long course in which each K-9 and handler are trained in officer protection, tracking, article search, building search, and drug detection. Not every dog can become a K-9, and many German Shepards fail to meet all of the requirements. The Defiance County Sheriff's Office is proud of the tradition that this program has established.

The K-9 program is maintained by the donations from the citizens of Defiance County. We are the Defiance County Sheriff's Office want to say "thank you" for your support.

Current K-9's


Handled by:
 Sgt. Moser


Handled by:
 Deputy Hanenkrath

Former K-9's