Defiance City S                      
Hyperlink Page # Parcel Owner Surveyor Survey Date Addition Name Lot Number Remarks        
8\8-13.tif S-007-000       S & S Ranchland Hghts Third Rev Sub            
defiance city\S\S-007-001.tif S-007-001 Colwell Financial Corp. Ernsberger, Robert 11/11/1985 S & S Ranchland Hghts Third Rev Sub #86          
defiance city\S\S-007-002.tif S-007-002 T & P Properties Westhoven, Paul J. 10/26/1987 S & S Ranchland Hghts Third Rev Sub #39          
defiance city\S\S-007-003.tif S-007-003 Koski, Anna Hoeffel, Anthony 02/11/1997 S & S Ranchland Hghts Third Rev Sub #54          
4\4-58.tif S-002-000       Shawnee Heights Add.            
defiance city\S\S-002-001.tif S-002-001 -- Leaders, John 05/23/1953 Shawnee Heights Add. pt #14 & 15          
defiance city\S\S-002-002.tif S-002-002 Fetter, John Hohenberger, Paul 07/11/1972 Shawnee Heights Add. #19          
defiance city\S\S-002-003.tif S-002-003 Host, Mrs. Leo Jones, Robert 05/01/1970 Shawnee Heights Add. #20          
defiance city\S\S-002-004.tif S-002-004 Smith, Wm. Leaders, John 03/09/1963 Shawnee Heights Add. #26          
defiance city\S\S-002-005.tif S-002-005 Belden, Floyd & Edith Leaders, John 01/07/1956 Shawnee Heights Add. #30          
defiance city\S\S-002-006.tif S-002-006 Hetz, Joe Hohenberger, Paul 08/01/1972 Shawnee Heights Add. #30          
defiance city\S\S-002-007.tif S-002-007 First Federal Savings & Loan Assn. Leaders, John 01/07/1956 Shawnee Heights Add. pt #38          
defiance city\S\S-002-008.tif S-002-008 Snyder, Lester Leaders, John 07/25/1956 Shawnee Heights Add. pt #51          
defiance city\S\S-002-009.tif S-002-009 Snyder, Lester Leaders, John 02/11/1956 Shawnee Heights Add. #51,52,53          
defiance city\S\S-002-010.tif S-002-010 Snyder, Lester Leaders, John 03/16/1959 Shawnee Heights Add. pt #64,65,66          
defiance city\S\S-002-011.tif S-002-011 Lawyers Title Ernsberger, Robert 11/18/1985 Shawnee Heights Add. #37          
defiance city\S\S-002-012.tif S-002-012 First Land Title Co. Ernsberger, Robert 05/09/1986 Shawnee Heights Add. #46          
defiance city\S\S-002-013.tif S-002-013 Foster, John & Kathryn Miller, Chester A. 05/05/1987 Shawnee Heights Add. pt #44          
defiance city\S\S-002-014.tif S-002-014 Grant, David Miller, Chester 08/04/1988 Shawnee Heights Add. #1-9 Also #9 Koerber Add; #1 Forest Heights Add.        
defiance city\S\S-002-015.tif S-002-015 Dodrill, Brad Butler, Merlin Max 08/09/1999 Shawnee Heights Add. pt #63 Vacated Right-of-Way to Lot #63 Powell's Ext.        
defiancecity\S\S-002-016.tif S-002-016 Cameron, Brenda Henry, Thomas J. 08/11/2010 Shawnee Heights Add. #13          
7\7-54.tif S-009-000       Sherwood Forest Subdivision            
7\7-55.tif         Sherwood Forest Subdivision            
defiance city\S\S-009-001.tif S-009-001 City Corp. Ernsberger, Robert 02/06/1987 Sherwood Forest Subdivision #48          
defiance city\S\S-009-002.tif S-009-002 Mason, John Ernsberger, Robert 08/20/1986 Sherwood Forest Subdivision #50          
defiance city\S\S-009-003.tif S-009-003 Limpach, Jerome & Janet Bell, Dennis 01/06/1987 Sherwood Forest Subdivision #32 & 31          
defiance city\S\S-009-004.tif S-009-004 Thrasher, Daryl Miller, Chester 07/27/1988 Sherwood Forest Subdivision #51          
9\9-02.tif S-008-000       Sherwood Forest Second Add.            
defiance city\S\S-008-001.tif S-008-001 Strait Realty Ernsberger, Robert 03/12/1986 Sherwood Forest Second Add. #61          
defiance city\S\S-008-002.tif S-008-002 Wintringer, George Ernsberger, Robert 07/04/1986 Sherwood Forest Second Add. pt #58 & 59          
defiance city\S\S-008-003.tif S-008-003 Re/Max Realty Miller, Chester 08/16/1988 Sherwood Forest Second Add. #68          
defiancecity\S\S-009-005.tif S-008-004 Rohrbaugh, Caroline K. Henry, Thomas J. 08/28/2009 Sherwood Forest Second Add. #59 & pt #58          
1\1-15.tif S-003-000       South Defiance Add.            
defiance city\S\S-003-001.tif S-003-001 Nation Memorial Stone Co. Leaders, John 05/19/1905 South Defiance Add. pt lot F          
defiance city\S\S-003-002.tif S-003-002 -- Leaders, John 04/13/1953 South Defiance Add. lot J          
defiance city\S\S-003-003.tif S-003-003 Yoder Realty Ernsberger, Robert 08/11/1980 South Defiance Add. lot J          
defiance city\S\S-003-004.tif S-003-004 Mason, B. & Rettig, K. Ernsberger, Robert 05/30/1905 South Defiance Add. #7 & 8          
defiance city\S\S-003-005.tif S-003-005 The Tenzer Lumber Co. Leaders, John 03/07/1955 South Defiance Add. pt #12          
defiance city\S\S-003-006.tif S-003-006 Glacier Co. Leaders, John 03/30/1964 South Defiance Add. pt #15,16 17 18          
defiance city\S\S-003-007.tif S-003-007 Toledo Trust Bell, Dennis 11/08/1985 South Defiance Add. #71          
defiance city\S\S-003-008.tif S-003-008 Slough Estate Leaders, John 12/20/1966 South Defiance Add. #79          
defiance city\S\S-003-009.tif S-003-009 Healy, Marion Leaders, John 03/24/1967 South Defiance Add. #86          
defiance city\S\S-003-010.tif S-003-010 Mason, John Ernsberger, Robert 05/30/1905 South Defiance Add. #103 Revised        
defiance city\S\S-003-011.tif S-003-011 Mason, Robert Ernsberger, Robert 05/30/1905 South Defiance Add. #103          
defiance city\S\S-003-012.tif S-003-012 Guilford, Paul Leaders, John 09/10/1955 South Defiance Add. pt #112          
defiance city\S\S-003-013.tif S-003-013 Toledo Trust Bell, Dennis 12/16/1985 South Defiance Add. pt #133          
defiance city\S\S-003-014.tif S-003-014 Grogg, Lee Leaders, John 08/03/1954 South Defiance Add. #174          
defiance city\S\S-003-015.tif S-003-015 Yoder Realty Hohenberger, Paul 06/01/1972 South Defiance Add. #241          
defiance city\S\S-003-016.tif S-003-016 Hopkins, Rex Hohenberger, Paul 01/01/1973 South Defiance Add. #245-1/2 & M          
defiance city\S\S-003-017.tif S-003-017 Munger, Wm. Leaders, John 06/18/1955 South Defiance Add. #253          
defiance city\S\S-003-018.tif S-003-018 Miller, Joseph Leaders, John 04/26/1963 South Defiance Add. #262          
defiance city\S\S-003-019.tif S-003-019 Schroeder, Joe Jones, Robert 05/01/1972 South Defiance Add. #265          
defiance city\S\S-003-020.tif S-003-020 Sisco, Harry Leaders, John 04/26/1963 South Defiance Add. pts #267 & 268          
defiance city\S\S-003-021.tif S-003-021 Shindler, Walter Leaders, John 04/21/1959 South Defiance Add. #275          
defiance city\S\S-003-022.tif S-003-022 Home Oil Co., Inc. Leaders, John 07/21/1956 South Defiance Add. #297 & pt #296          
defiance city\S\S-003-023.tif S-003-023 Farmers Cooperative co. Leaders, John 05/08/1961 South Defiance Add. #299 & F          
defiance city\S\S-003-024.tif S-003-024 Strait Realty Ernsberger, Robert 04/11/1986 South Defiance Add. pt #154          
defiance city\S\S-003-025.tif S-003-025 Kissell Co. Ernsberger, Robert 05/16/1986 South Defiance Add. #192          
defiance city\S\S-003-026.tif S-003-026 Rothenberger, Kenneth Ernsberger, Robert 05/16/1986 South Defiance Add. #131          
defiance city\S\S-003-027.tif S-003-027 Yoder Realty Miller, Chester 03/14/1989 South Defiance Add. #299,pt lot F          
defiance city\S\S-003-028.tif S-003-028 Cooper, E.J. Miller, Chester 06/06/1988 South Defiance Add. #197          
defiance city\S\S-003-029.tif S-003-029 Wagner, Paul Miller, Chester 06/23/1988 South Defiance Add. #180          
defiance city\S\S-003-030.tif S-003-030 Miller, Mildred Butler, Merlin Max 07/30/1999 South Defiance Add. #262          
defiancecity\S\S-003-030A.tif S-003-030A Miller, Mildred Butler, Merlin Max 07/30/1999 South Defiance Add. #262 Legal Description S-003-030        
defiance city\S\S-003-031.tif S-003-031 Bell, Tim; FED Corp. Miller, Chester 04/14/1995 South Defiance Add. #280 & pt #279          
defiance city\S\S-003-032.tif S-003-032 OH Rehab. Services Commission Bell, Dennis 07/13/1995 South Defiance Add. #248, 249          
defiance city\S\S-003-033.tif S-003-033 Mitchell, John A. et ux Henry, Thomas J. 12/13/2002 South Defiance Add. Pt Lot #267 & 268 East 1/2 of #267 & East 1/2 of #268        
defiancecity\S\S-003-034.tif S-003-034 DeTray Miller, Chester A. 07/08/2003 South Defiance Add. Pt Lot J          
defiance city\S\S-003-035.tif S-003-035 Gauss, Mary L. Henry, Thomas J. 01/05/2007 South Defiance Add. Pt #272 & Pt #273 Also lies in Krotz Addn to South Defiance        
defiance city\S\S-003-036.tif S-003-036 Kroeckel, Robert Ernsberger, Robert B. 04/24/1982 South Defiance Add. Pt #67 & Pt #68          
defiance city\S\S-003-037.tif S-003-037 Brown, Judy A. Eis, Douglas W. 05/19/2010 South Defiance Add. Lot #69 & Pt #70          
defiance city\S\S-003-038.tif S-003-038 Hasch, Hallis Stever & Rath 08/28/1942 South Defiance Add. Lot #223 & Pt #222          
defiancecity\S\S-003-039.tif S-003-039 Young, Sylvia M. Henry, Thomas J. 12/04/2013 South Defiance Add. Lot #108          
defiancecity\S\S-003-041.tif S-003-041 Zeller, Edward J. Jr Bell, Dennis 10/01/2015 South Defiance Add. Pt #D, G, 49-52          
defiancecity\S\S-003-042.tif S-003-042 Schomaeker, Melissa Henry, Thomas J. 06/05/2015 South Defiance Add. Pt #129          
defiancecity\S\S-003-043.tif S-003-043 American National Red Cross Henry, Thomas J. 12/21/2015 South Defiance Add. Pt #275 Also part of the abandoned Miami & Erie Canal lands        
defiancecity\S\S-003-044.pdf S-003-044   Bell, Dennis 12/08/2016 South Defiance Add. Alley btw Lots D and #49        
defiancecity\S\S-003-045.pdf S-003-045 Huntington National Bank Bockrath, Gregory A. 11/15/2017 South Defiance Add. #262 Also lies in Heidepriem Add & Lots btw Maumee & Auglaize        
defiancecity\S\S-003-045A.pdf S-003-045A Huntington National Bank Bockrath, Gregory A. 11/15/2017 South Defiance Add. #262          
3\3-11.tif S-004-000       Southworth's Add.            
defiance city\S\S-004-001.tif S-004-001 Ratzloff, Wm. Leaders, John 04/09/1959 Southworth's Add. pt #2          
defiance city\S\S-004-002.tif S-004-002 Batt, John Jones, Robert 08/01/1969 Southworth's Add. #5,8,21,22          
defiance city\S\S-004-003.tif S-004-003 Hutchins, Sisco & Rau Leaders, John 12/21/1954 Southworth's Add. #47,48,49          
defiance city\S\S-004-004.tif S-004-004 McKeen Realty Ernsberger, Robert 03/13/1987 Southworth's Add.            
defiance city\S\S-004-005.tif S-004-005 Patten Real Estate Miller, Chester A. 05/13/1987 Southworth's Add. #36          
defiance city\S\S-004-006.tif S-004-006 Finkenbiner, William Miller, Chester 08/16/1989 Southworth's Add. #34          
defiancecity\S\S-004-007.tif S-004-007 Watson to Rittenhouse Henry, Thomas J. 06/19/2012 Southworth's Add. pt #20          
defiancecity\S\S-004-008.tif S-004-008 Gregory, Mary J. Henry, Thomas J. 01/03/2014 Southworth's Add. pt #B          
1\1-27.tif S-005-000       Spafford's Subdivision            
1\1-27A.tif         Spafford's Subdivision            
defiance city\S\S-005-001.tif S-005-001 Weisgerber, Wm. Leaders, John 07/19/1963 Spafford's Subdivision #15          
defiance city\S\S-005-002.tif S-005-002 First Land Title Company Ernsberger, Robert 12/18/1985 Spafford's Subdivision #11, pt #12          
defiance city\S\S-005-003.tif S-005-003 Mason, William Miller, Chester 06/02/1989 Spafford's Subdivision pt #12, #13          
defiancecity\S\S-005-004.tif S-005-004 Sigg, William & Patricia Eis, Douglas W. 04/15/2016 Spafford's Subdivision #10 & pt lot #A          
4\4-72.tif S-006-000       Stark's, C.P., First Add.            
defiance city\S\S-006-001.tif S-006-001 -- Leaders, John 04/13/1955 Stark's, C.F., First Add. #4 & 5          
defiance city\S\S-006-002.tif S-006-002 -- Leaders, John 12/03/1966 Stark's, C.P., First Add. #11          
14\14-270.tif S-010-000       Stonegate Estates            
14\14-316.tif         Stonegate Estates final repat lots 1-8 & 19-22        
14\14-317.tif         Stonegate Estates