Defiance City C              
Hyperlink Page # Parcel Owner Surveyor Survey Date Addition Name Lot Number Remarks
1\1-08.tif C-001-000       Canal Block    
defiance city\C\C-001-001.tif C-001-001 Robertson, Mary E. Leaders, John 4/12/1962 Canal Block #1 + Bouton & Others Addition Lot #8, Block
defiance city\C\C-001-002.tif C-001-002 Miller, Clarence Leaders, John 11/21/1958 Canal Block #2  
defiance city\C\C-001-003.tif C-001-003 Bokop, Frederick H. Leaders, John 1/9/1958 Canal Block #7  
defiance city\C\C-001-004.tif C-001-004 Lawson-Stick Funeral Home, Inc. Leaders, John 6/18/1968 Canal Block pt #10,12, All #11  
defiance city\C\C-001-005.tif C-001-005 Daoust, Mrs. Roger Leaders, John 4/11/1955 Canal Block #13  
defiance city\C\C-001-006.tif C-001-006 Daoust, Et al, Wm. Leaders, John 2/5/1962 Canal Block #14, pt #15  
defiance city\C\C-001-008.tif C-001-008 Napoleon Wash & Fill Ernsberger, Robert 11/29/1985 Canal Block pt R/W  
defiance city\C\C-001-009.tif C-001-009 Re/Max Realty & Davenport Brian Eis, Douglas W 10/31/2000 Canal Block pt #13 South half of lot #13
defiance city\C\C-001-010.tif C-001-010 Davenport, Brian E. Eis, Douglas W. 3/23/2006 Canal Block Pt #1  
defiance city\C\C-001-011.tif C-001-011 Lawson, David Ernsberger, Robert B. 8/29/1984 Canal Block Pt #11  
defiance city\C\C-001-011A.tif C-001-011A Lawson, David Ernsberger, Robert B. 8/30/1984 Canal Block Pt #11 Page 1 of Legal Desc of Survey #C-001-011
defiance city\C\C-001-011B.tif C-001-011B Lawson, David Ernsberger, Robert B. 8/30/1984 Canal Block Pt #11 Page 2 of Legal Desc of Survey #C-001-011
defiance city\C\C-001-012.tif C-001-012 Napoleon Wash & Fill Ernsberger, Robert B. 7/19/1986 Canal Block pt R/W R/W btw B & O RR & Williams St & east of Perry St
defiance city\C\C-001-013.tif C-001-013 Napoleon Wash & Fill Ernsberger, Robert B. 11/29/1985 Canal Block pt R/W surveyed on 05-17-1985, revised on 11-29-1985
C-002-000       Canal Lands    
defiance city\C\C-002-001.tif C-002-001 The Shell Oil Co. Leaders, John 10/25/1961 Canal Lands   Third & Perry Sts.
defiance city\C\C-002-002.tif C-002-002 Defiance Screw Machine Products Leaders, John 5/5/1956 Canal Lands   Perry St., Williams St., B & O RR.
defiance city\C\C-002-003.tif C-002-003 Defiance Board of Education Leaders, John 6/27/1960 Canal Lands   Slocum School property
defiance city\C\C-002-004.tif C-002-004 Defiance Stamping Co. Leaders, John 3/4/1961 Canal Lands   perry St.
defiance city\C\C-002-005.tif C-002-005 Burns, Albert Leaders, John 12/23/1953 Canal Lands   Deatrick & Perry Sts.
defiance city\C\C-002-006.tif C-002-006 Deluxe Cleaners, Inc. Leaders, John 3/17/1955 Canal Lands   Second & Clinton Sts.
defiance city\C\C-002-007.tif C-002-007 -- -- 4/15/1976 Canal Lands   Parcel between First and Second Sts.
defiance city\C\C-002-008.tif C-002-008 -- -- 5/5/1976 Canal Lands   First and Second Sts.
defiance city\C\C-002-009.tif C-002-009 -- -- 3/1/1976 Canal Lands   South of Second St.
defiance city\C\C-002-010.tif C-002-010 -- -- 5/12/1976 Canal Lands Parcel 'B'  
defiance city\C\C-002-011.tif C-002-011 -- -- 5/11/1976 Canal Lands   Between Davidson & B & O RR.
defiance city\C\C-002-012.tif C-002-012 -- -- 3/2/1976 Canal Lands   between Third & Fourth Sts.
defiance city\C\C-002-013.tif C-002-013 Clemens, Erwin Estate Henry, Thomas J. 12/28/1999 Canal Lands   1.915 A; 0.638 A.
defiance city\C\C-002-014.tif C-002-014   Butler, Merlin Max 5/15/2002 Canal Lands   5.4392 A. & Being part of Canal File # M-1079
defiance city\C\C-002-015.tif C-002-015   Butler, Merlin Max 5/15/2002 Canal Lands   5.7799 A. & Being part of Canal File # IM - 1089
defiance city\C\C-002-016.tif C-002-016   Butler, Merlin Max 5/15/2002 Canal Lands   0.1399 A. & Being part of Section 26 - Defiance Township
defiance city\C\C-002-017.tif C-002-017   Butler, Merlin Max 5/15/2002 Canal Lands   0.2649 A.
defiance city\C\C-002-018.tif C-002-018   Butler, Merlin Max 5/15/2002 Canal Lands   0.0470 A.
defiance city\C\C-002-019.tif C-002-019 G.C. Murphy Company Ernsberger, Robert B. 10/1/1983 Canal Lands   Third & Fourth, also part of lot #110 of the Original Plat
defiance city\C\C-002-020.tif C-002-020 ODNR to McDonald, Douglas Henry, Thomas J. 12/16/2013 Canal Lands   Parcel between First and Second Sts., adj to lot #102
defiance city\C\C-002-021.tif C-002-021 American National Red Cross Henry, Thomas J. 12/21/2015 Canal Lands   also pt of lot 275 South Defiance Addition
defiancecity\C\C-002-022.tif C-002-022 ODAS to Carlin, Timothy & Susan    5/3/1988 Canal Lands   South of Fourth St
defiancecity\C\C-002-023.tif C-002-023 City of Defiance Butler, Merlin Max 6/26/2002 Canal Lands   North of Davidson St
defiancecity\C\C-002-023A.tif C-002-023A City of Defiance Butler, Merlin Max 6/26/2002 Canal Lands   legal Description of C-002-023
3\3-09.tif C-003-000       Carter & Others Add.    
defiance city\C\C-003-001.tif C-003-001 McCartney, Henry Leaders, John 11/26/1954 Carter & Others Add. #2  
defiance city\C\C-003-002.tif C-003-002 Motter, George Leaders, John 10/31/1953 Carter & Others Add. #10 & 11  
defiance city\C\C-003-003.tif C-003-003 Bowyer, Maryetta Ernsberger, Robert -- Carter & Others Add. #23  
defiance city\C\C-003-004.tif C-003-004 Sherwood Builders, Inc. Leaders, John 5/31/1954 Carter & Others Add. #33  
defiance city\C\C-003-005.tif C-003-005 Plummer, James Leaders, John 8/24/1961 Carter & Others Add. #45  
defiance city\C\C-003-006.tif C-003-006 Endsley, W.H. Leaders, John 3/14/1954 Carter & Others Add. #48  
defiance city\C\C-003-007.tif C-003-007 Flint, Newton Leaders, John 3/16/1957 Carter & Others Add. #82  
defiance city\C\C-003-008.tif C-003-008 Wagner, James & Beverly Bell, Dennis M. 5/8/1986 Carter & Others Add. #62  
defiance city\C\C-003-009.tif C-003-009 Waterfield Mortgage Company Ernsberger, Robert 7/27/1986 Carter & Others Add. pt #10 & 13  
defiance city\C\C-003-010.tif C-003-010 Porter, Kathryn Ernsberger, Robert 3/6/1987 Carter & Others Add. #3  
defiance city\C\C-003-011.tif C-003-011 Patten Real Estate Ernsberger, Robert 3/6/1987 Carter & Others Add. #20  
defiance city\C\C-003-012.tif C-003-012 Wichman, Norman Miller, Chester 1/24/1990 Carter & Others Add. #54,61  
defiance city\C\C-003-013.tif C-003-013 Wichman, Norm Aschemeier, Wayne 5/22/1995 Carter & Others Add. #37  
defiance city\C\C-003-014.tif C-003-014 Sigg Realty Miller, Chester 4/10/1996 Carter & Others Add. #5  
defiance city\C\C-003-015.tif C-003-015 Hurley. Chester Miller, Chester A. 7/27/1994 Carter & Others Add. Pt #72  
defiance city\C\C-003-016.tif C-003-016 Stork, Barbara J. Miller, Chester A. 9/21/1987 Carter & Others Add. #63  
defiance city\C\C-003-017.tif C-003-017 Patten Real Estate Miller, Chester A. 8/26/1987 Carter & Others Add. #58  
defiance city\C\C-003-018.tif C-003-018   Miller, Chester A. 10/16/2002 Carter & Others Add. Pt #65  
defiance city\C\C-003-019.tif C-003-019 First Apostolic Church Henry, Thomas J. 4/25/2007 Carter & Others Add. Pt #74  
4\4-28.tif C-004-000       Chalat Place Add.    
defiance city\C\C-004-001.tif C-004-001 Klinger, Russell Leaders, John 6/23/1955 Chalat Place Add. #17 Also Original Plat of East Defiance pt #57
defiance city\C\C-004-002.tif C-004-002 Re/Max Realty Miller, Chester 11/8/1988 Chalat Place Add. #41  
defiance city\C\C-004-003.tif C-004-003 Hinojosa, Victor Butler, Merlin Max 7/7/1999 Chalat Place Add. #9 0.1718 Acres
defiance city\C\C-004-004.tif C-004-004 Davenport Properties, LLC Eis, Douglas W. 8/27/2003 Chalat Place Add. Pt Lot #18 Also lies in East Defiance Addn
defiance city\C\C-004-005.tif C-004-005 McKeen Realty Miller, Chester A. 9/3/1992 Chalat Place Add. Pt #36  
defiance city\C\C-004-006.tif C-004-006 Gambler Miller, Chester A. 12/2/2002 Chalat Place Add. #43  
defiance city\C\C-005-001.tif C-005-001 -- -- -- Cleveland Avenue Allotment   not signed or dated
defiancecity\C\C-005-002.tif C-005-002 City of Defiance, Board of Education Butler, Merlin Max 1/29/2004 Cleveland Avenue Allotment   Defiance YMCA
defiancecity\C\C-005-002A.tif C-005-002A City of Defiance, Board of Education Butler, Merlin Max   Cleveland Avenue Allotment   Page 1 of Legal Desc of Survey #C-005-002
defiancecity\C\C-005-002B.tif C-005-002B City of Defiance, Board of Education Butler, Merlin Max   Cleveland Avenue Allotment   Page 2 of Legal Desc of Survey #C-005-002
5\5-055.tif C-006-000       Cleveland Heights Subdivision    
defiance city\C\C-006-001.tif C-006-001 -- -- -- Cleveland Heights Subdivision 4.456 A.  
defiance city\C\C-006-002.tif C-006-002 Defiance Industrial Foundation Leaders, John 8/8/1964 Cleveland Heights Subdivision 15.46 A.  
5\5-055.tif C-007-000       Cleveland Heights Vacated    
defiance city\C\C-007-001.tif C-007-001 Behlke, Rodell Ernsberger, Robert 4/3/1973 Cleveland Heights Sub Vacated 19.477 A., 19.507 A.  
defiance city\C\C-007-002.tif C-007-002 Toledo Edison Company Ernsberger, Robert 6/1/1974 Cleveland Heights Sub Vacated 3.585 A.  
defiance city\C\C-007-003.tif C-007-003 Rogers, Jasper Westhoven, Paul 8/31/1971 Cleveland Heights Sub Vacated 35.121 A.  
defiance city\C\C-007-004.tif C-007-004 Strait Realty Inc. Ernsberger, Robert 10/10/1979 Cleveland Heights Sub Vacated 3.824 A, 2.436 A, 5.634 A.
defiance city\C\C-007-005.tif C-007-005 Strait Realty Co. Ernsberger, Robert 10/10/1979 Cleveland Heights Sub Vacated 6.26 A., 5.634 A.  
3\3-13.tif C-008-000       Clipper Add.    
defiance city\C\C-008-001.tif C-008-001 Schaffer, Donald Leaders, John 6/7/1963 Clipper Add. #168  
defiance city\C\C-008-002.tif C-008-002 Gary, N.M. Leaders, John 8/31/1964 Clipper Add. #273 & 274  
defiance city\C\C-008-003.tif C-008-003 Title Guarantee & Trust Co. Leaders, John 5/6/1963 Clipper Add. #289  
defiance city\C\C-008-004.tif C-008-004 Meyers, Robert Leaders, John 9/12/1956 Clipper Add. #297 & pt 296  
defiance city\C\C-008-005.tif C-008-005 Skerry, George Leaders, John 9/10/1962 Clipper Add. pt #298  
defiance city\C\C-008-006.tif C-008-006 Tau Kappa Eipsilon Fraternity Gerdeman, Otto 2/24/1968 Clipper Add. #10, pts of 315, 316, 317, 318  
defiance city\C\C-008-007.tif C-008-007 Freeman, Howard Leaders, John 10/17/1953 Clipper Add. pts 319 & 320  
defiance city\C\C-008-008.tif C-008-008 Keller, Suzette Miller, Chester 12/7/1988 Clipper Add. #277,278,279  
defiance city\C\C-008-009.tif C-008-009 -- Bell, Dennis 5/25/1989 Clipper Add. #7  
defiance city\C\C-008-010.tif C-008-010   Butler, Merlin Max 11/9/1995 Clipper Add. #8  
defiance city\C\C-008-011.tif C-008-011 Packer, R.C. Toberen, H.F. 3/29/1918 Clipper Add. #306-315  
defiancecity\C\C-008-012.pdf C-008-012 Defiance College Bockrath, Gregory A. 9/22/2017 Clipper Add. 218-220, pts 154-156, 217 & 221 3.00 A, also part of Holgates Add to North Defiance
defiancecity\C\C-008-012A.pdf C-008-012A Defiance College Bockrath, Gregory A. 9/22/2017 Clipper Add. 218-220, pts 154-156, 217 & 221 Legal Description of C-008-012
2\2-08.tif C-009-000       Colby-Lindenberger & Deatricks Add.    
defiance city\C\C-009-001.tif C-009-001 Snyder, Lester Leaders, John 4/16/1956 Colby-Lindenberger & Deatricks Add. #1 & 2  
defiance city\C\C-009-002.tif C-009-002 Ward, Wm. Leaders, John 4/17/1954 Colby-Lindenberger & Deatricks Add. #14  
defiance city\C\C-009-003.tif C-009-003 Lantow, John Leaders, John 11/27/1957 Colby-Lindenberger & Deatricks Add. pt 19 &20  
defiance city\C\C-009-004.tif C-009-004 Riebesehl, D. Jones, Robert 1/1/1973 Colby-Lindenberger & Deatricks Add. #2  
defiance city\C\C-009-005.tif C-009-005 Ray, Linda Miller, Chester A. 1/19/1998 Colby-Lindenberger & Deatricks Add. #20 & 29 Lots 14 & 15 of the subdivision of Lots 20 & 29
defiancecity\C\C-009-006.pdf C-009-006 CMDH Realty, LLC Butler, Merlin Max 1/1/2010 Colby-Lindenberger & Deatricks Add. #12, 16-20, 30, 32 Chief Supermarket Alta survey
defiancecity\C\C-009-006A.pdf C-009-006A CMDH Realty, LLC Butler, Merlin Max 11/2/2011 Colby-Lindenberger & Deatricks Add. #12, 16-20, 30, 33 Chief Supermarket Alta survey - revision
defiancecity\C\C-009-007.tif C-009-007 Toledo Edison Company Leaders, John 1/19/1951 Colby-Lindenberger & Deatricks Add. #7 & 8  
defiancecity\C\C-009-008.tif C-009-008 Toledo Edison Company Leaders, John 10/3/1953 Colby-Lindenberger & Deatricks Add. #13  
3\3-17.tif C-010-000       College Hill Allotment    
defiance city\C\C-010-001.tif C-010-001 Defiance Enterprises, Inc. Leaders, John 3/3/1956 College Hill Allotment #1 & 2  
defiance city\C\C-010-002.tif C-010-002 -- Leaders, John 10/15/1960 College Hill Allotment lots 39 to 45  
defiance city\C\C-010-003.tif C-010-003 -- Ernsberger, Robert 3/3/1980 College Hill Allotment 5 thru 38  
defiancecity\C\C-010-004.tif C-010-004 The Defiance College Westhoven, Paul J. 8/12/2010 College Hill Allotment pt lots 29, 30 & 31  
defiancecity\C\C-010-005.tif C-010-005   Miller, Chester A. 9/20/1989 College Hill Allotment #9 & 10, pt 8  
defiancecity\C\C-010-006.tif C-010-006 St. Johns Catholic Church Ernsberger, Robert B. 12/4/1984 College Hill Allotment #29 & 30  
4\4-51.tif C-017-000       Colwell Add.    
defiance city\C\C-017-001.tif C-017-001   Henry, Thomas J. 7/17/1998 Colwell Add. #4, 5, 6, & pt #93  
3\3-06.tif C-011-000       Corwin's Add.    
defiance city\C\C-011-001.tif C-011-001 Patten Realty Hohenberger, Paul 5/21/1973 Corwin's Add. #10  
defiance city\C\C-011-002.tif C-011-002 Smiddy, John & Debra Henry, Thomas J. 9/1/2006 Corwin's Add. #A  
defiance city\C\C-011-003.tif C-011-003 Gineman, Angela Henry, Thomas J. 12/9/2009 Corwin's Add. #7  
defiance city\C\C-011-004.tif C-011-004   Miller, Chester A. 9/19/2000 Corwin's Add. pt #16  
defiancecity\C\C-011-005.pdf C-011-005 Butler, Gary Bockrath, Gregory A. 2/24/2017 Corwin's Add. pt#16 & alley  
defiancecity\C\C-011-005A.pdf C-011-005 Butler, Gary Bockrath, Gregory A. 2/24/2017 Corwin's Add. legal description of survey # C-011-005  
4\4-10.tif C-012-000       Cottage Park Add.    
defiance city\C\C-012-001.tif C-012-001 Derrow, H.L. Leaders, John 9/21/1962 Cottage Park Add. #45  
defiance city\C\C-012-002.tif C-012-002 Derrow, H.L. Leaders, John 4/2/1965 Cottage Park Add. #45  
defiance city\C\C-012-003.tif C-012-003 Bowling, Leland Leaders, John 5/31/1960 Cottage Park Add. #46  
defiance city\C\C-012-004.tif C-012-004 Perez, Juan Ernsberger, Robert 6/18/1976 Cottage Park Add. #1, 2, 45  
1\1-04.tif C-016-000       County Add.    
defiance city\C\C-016-001.tif C-016-001 McDonald Constr. Co. Miller, Chester 4/21/1989 County Add. 1,2,3,4,5,pt6,pt7  
defiance city\C\C-016-002.tif C-016-002 McDonald Constr. Co. Miller, Chester 3/5/1990 County Add. 1,2,3,4,5,pt6,pt7 REVISED
7\7-20.tif C-013-000       Courts of Woodhurst    
defiancecity\C\C-013-001.pdf C-013-001 Defiance City School Lumbrezer, R.J.  3/9/2018 Courts of Woodhurst pt # 2 & 3 Defiance Middle/High School Roundabout
7\7-39.tif C-014-000       Courts of Woodhurst Second Add.    
defiance city\C\C-014-001.tif C-014-001 -- Ernsberger, Robert 10/3/1973 Courts of Woodhurst Second Add. 0.028 A.  
defiance city\C\C-014-002.tif C-014-002 Toledo Trust Bell, Dennis 10/10/1985 Courts of Woodhurst Second Add. #65  
defiance city\C\C-014-003.tif C-014-003 Coldwell & Lawyers Title Ernsberger, Robert 7/26/1986 Courts of Woodhurst Second Add. #43  
defiance city\C\C-014-004.tif C-014-004 Leever, Joe Miller, Chester 5/8/1990 Courts of Woodhurst Second Add. #54,pt 55  
defiance city\C\C-014-005.tif C-014-005 Lang, Donald & Gayle Henry, Thomas J. 8/8/1996 Courts of Woodhurst Second Add. #29 & pt #28  
defiance city\C\C-014-006.tif C-014-006 Behrens, Sheila Henry, Thomas J. 10/21/2009 Courts of Woodhurst Second Add. #46  
1\1-11.tif C-015-000       Crosson's & Others Add.    
defiance city\C\C-015-001.tif C-015-001 Schimoller, John Leaders, John 4/17/1964 Crosson's & Others Add. lots C & D pts.  
defiance city\C\C-015-002.tif C-015-002 -- Leaders, John 5/18/1963 Crosson's & Others Add. #14  
defiance city\C\C-015-003.tif C-015-003 Miller, Trustee, Ray T. Leaders, John 6/15/1954 Crosson's & Others Add. pt #15  
defiance city\C\C-015-004.tif C-015-004 Engelhaupt, Karl Jones, Robert 1/22/1969 Crosson's & Others Add. #37  
defiance city\C\C-015-005.tif C-015-005 Guerrero, Rick Ernsberger, Robert 10/9/1986 Crosson's & Others Add. #29 & 30  
defiance city\C\C-015-006.tif C-015-006 Re/Max Realty Miller, Chester 8/16/1989 Crosson's & Others Add. #22  
defiance city\C\C-015-007.tif C-015-007 McBroom, Helen C. Westhoven, Paul J. 8/28/2000 Crosson's & Others Add. #31 & 32  
defiance city\C\C-015-008.tif C-015-008 McBroom, R J to Lankenau Steve Aschemeier, Wayne 9/16/1999 Crosson's & Others Add. pt Lot B & D  
defiance city\C\C-015-009.tif C-015-009 Callan, Helen S. Aschemeier, Wayne 8/14/1997 Crosson's & Others Add. pt Lot #B  
defiance city\C\C-015-010.tif C-015-010   English, D.H. 07/11/1873 Crosson's & Others Add. A-D & 1-53  
defiance city\C\C-015-011.tif C-015-011 Johnson, Frances A. Henry, Thomas J. 5/15/2010 Crosson's & Others Add. # 9  
defiance city\C\C-015-012.tif C-015-012 Egia, Lucinda Henry, Thomas J. 8/13/2010 Crosson's & Others Add. pt #35  
defiancecity\C\C-015-013.pdf C-015-013 Egia, Juanita Henry, Thomas J. 10/31/2017 Crosson's & Others Add. #51